Jolie Su Dream Hats are 100% handmade according to heritage techniques and from the finest quality materials. 

Our felts are sourced from certified suppliers who traditionally produce luxurious materials in respect of the highest sustainability standards. 

The exquisite toquilla straw is a high-end material handwoven in Ecuador according a traditional techniques recognised by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and we source it only from the local community.

Our straw for the Palha Collection is sourced from the local cultural association in the north of Portugal. The straw is braided by a community of elderly women who have been doing this for their entire life!


Hat designer,  Jolie Su turns heritage craft into playful, wearable and sustainable art by creating meaningful headgear for the contemporary dreamer who seeks unique, beautiful objects and who is courageous enough to be a little different. 

The hats are dreamt up between Warsaw and Lisbon, as a showcase of playful abstractions, vivacious memories and spontaneous homages.

Every hat is imagined as a beautiful expression of individuality 

with meticulous attention to detail and quality.


Panama Savoir Faire.png

The hats are trimmed with high quality vintage ribbons from Lisbon's most iconic haberdashery stores located on Rua da Conceição and from one of the oldest ribbon factories still operating in Europe also located in the sunny city of Lisbon.


The meticulous attention to detail is expressed through the finishing. The Rivea Collection features a stamped leather inner band securing the shape of the hat and giving it a truly luxurious feel. 

The ribbon factory in Lisbon.jpeg
Rua da Conceicao copy.jpeg