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Jolie Su is a high-end designer brand that redefines heritage craft by creating

wearable, playful hats of uncompromised quality. 


Our hats are artfully handmade with love and a touch of rebellious femininity. 

Created as meaningful headgear for the contemporary dreamer who seeks unique, 

beautiful objects and is courageous enough to be a little different.


Every hat is imagined as a beautiful expression of individuality with 

meticulous attention to detail and quality.

Meet Alexandra Jolie Su,
an acknowledged fashion designer,
and a passionate entrepreneur. 
Alexandra has la
unched Jolie Su intending to create meaningful objects
of uncompromising quality. She draws inspiration from contemporary lifestyles creating beautiful and functional designs. 

You can meet her in the art gallery sketching ideas, walking through the city, enjoying a book on the metro,
or having fun with friends in a local wine shop. 

She always wears a hat because her designs are meant for active women.

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